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Wally Deane was undoubtedly a great musician, and great artist. His fathering skills, as far as I could remember were good too. Dad tried to do the best he could considering his addiction to alchohol. As Wally continued to play his music, deal with the stresses of the music industry, handle an alchohol and drug addiction, and juggle 4 boys, it obviously took a great toll on his relationship with his wife Mary Deane (Miller). As their relationship deteriorated, Mary obviously cracked and decided to leave Wally and left the 4 boys with him as well. Thank god for Wally's mother Grace Deane (NANA), god rest her soul, as she rolled up her sleeves and took in the 4 Deane boys and her own son, making sure that her family was taken care of. Nana was by no means wealthy or even well off, but she devoted herself to making sure there was a roof over our heads, and that we had food in our stomachs, and clothes on our backs.

Even though dad had his own problems, he was still able to spread cheer, and play his music. Nana and dad would play together making our family gleam with joy as they showed us their stuff. Dad was always a kind man, sometimes shy. He was always very understanding as we as boys, would make our life mistakes, and he would tell us that he supported us no matter what we did. He and Nana, instilled good values, and taught us right from wrong. As I raise my own children, I know what a struggle it must have been for him, loving something so much in his music, and loving his children just as much and it all being destroyed by alchoholism. Dad was in and out of treatment centers, as he really wanted to lick this disease, but was unable to do so until the last year of his life.

Dad was always there to listen to us, was always there when he could be there for us. He was always in a good mood, and he was great at party's too! lol - I remember we would bring bands over to the house and setup in the back porch and have a 100 people or so over and he was always the life of the party and supported us in whatever we did. Unfortunately, the only thing he could give us was his love, because dad didnt have money. He was wealthy in the love he could share. Our father was a great contributer in this thing we live called LIFE.




Wally's Boys and Grace (His Mother)


Dad with all of us! I miss you Dad!



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